Cinemagraphs living photos for visual storytelling

When traditional media no longer works?

Tell your story in a new way

With Cinemagraphs

We create Cinemagraphs - Living photos

Cinemagraph [sin-uh-ma-graf, -grahf`}

Cinemagraphs are hybrids of photos and videos in which parts of the image play in a short, never-ending loop, resulting in the illusion of a never ending motion. A new way to tell a story.

It is a brand new medium with maiden technology. A still image, which contains an isolated piece of movement that repeats on an infinite loop. It has huge potential for marketeers and artists.

Cinemagraphs living photos for visual storytelling

Our portfolio highlights our experience in different subjects

We create Cinemagraphs - Living photos

A mesmerising technique!

For companies who want to tell their story effective and attract quick & fast attention with moving visual messages. On social media, digital billboards, digital advertisements and websites. There is a new trend with a new technique: Cinemagraph. – your professional Cinemagraph studio – makes Cinemagraphs with a high wow-factor. Which can surprise your audience and let you look twice. has offices in Amsterdam and Cairo. We work with designers, studios and brands from around the world.

Just like we did for:
I amsterdam, Gerti Bierenbroodspot, Fong Leng, Morren Galleries in Amsterdam, OSKA, Jan Jansen Shoes, Piet Oudolf Gardens and Landscapes, World Street Painting.
In Cairo for Burger King, Cairo Kitchen and Coca-Cola.

How can you use Cinemagraphs?

Cinemagraphs living photos for visual storytelling

The Cinemagraphs we create work extremely well on different media. Such as your website headers, web-banners, social media posts and digital outdoor advertsing. They can also help storytelling, effective on your blog, email and multimedia features.

Cinemagraphs are quickly moving from the screens on your smartphones
to the largest screens in the world!

Cinemagraphs living photos for visual storytelling are now the trend to watch and use in 2017

‘De City That Never Sleeps’ © Armand Dijcks

Originally created in 42K resolution

for a museum exhibition in Museon in The Hague

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