When traditional media no longer works?

Tell your story in a new way

With Cinemagraphs!

For companies who want to tell their story effective and attrackt quick & fast attention with moving visual messages on social media and website there is a new medium: Cinemagraph

Cinemagraphs.nl, your professional cinemagraph studio makes cinemagraphs with a high wow-factor who can surprise your audience and let you look twice

Just like we did for:
Morren Galleries in Amsterdam, I Amsterdam, Gerti Bierenbroodspot, Burger King Cairo, Coca-Cola Cairo.

We create cinemagraphs

Hybrids of photos and videos in which parts of the image plays in a never-ending loop, resulting in constant motion. A new technology for visual storytelling which is elegant and highly creative.

Cinemagraph [sin-uh-ma-graf, -grahf]

It creates a world in a way never done before. Time is frozen, yet one little part moves and draws your attention. It gives a poetic feeling to a still image and creates totally new realities that will make you look twice.

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